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Greetings, this is the official website for the upcoming game Dragons Unleashed Worlds, and exciting (MMORPG) for now this is the official site but will later be updated to a main site, when its more active.:)
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 Houses/House Item Suggestions

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PostSubject: Houses/House Item Suggestions   Sun Mar 14, 2010 12:27 am

If you have a suggestion for a house, or house item please post it here housing will not be available exactly when the game is ready to be played but it would be nice to have an image for a few houses so we could implement them right away and thanks for your cooperation.
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PostSubject: Re: Houses/House Item Suggestions   Sun Mar 14, 2010 1:52 pm

a dragon house, where you live inside a dead dragon. As I draw it I will add it into here. (no idea how many rooms its gonna b, i'm saying 2, 1 inside at the stomach, 1 outside/entrance)


Details: the entrance to the house is the mouth of the dragon. the tongue should be sticking out and be used as a ramp/stairs up to the entry way. An arrow should be going through the dragons eye. with blood dripping down into the mouth. the background should be mountains. one of the mountains should have a rover on it and another mountain should have a small castle and town on it. the dragon should be color costume so you can decide what kind of dragon you want to live inside of. there should b 3 arrows going into the dragonshind leg. one of the dragons claws should be broken with blood comming out.


House items

Name: Draconic Tooth Fan
description: its a fan made out of dragon teeth from the slain dragon! (when you click it, it will spin)
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Houses/House Item Suggestions
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