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Greetings, this is the official website for the upcoming game Dragons Unleashed Worlds, and exciting (MMORPG) for now this is the official site but will later be updated to a main site, when its more active.:)
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 Suggestion Rules

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PostSubject: Suggestion Rules   Suggestion Rules Icon_minitimeSun Mar 14, 2010 12:28 am

When posting in the suggestion section, remember to follow the site's general set of rules.

Also, do not post the same art suggestion twice. Unless you have updated your artwork, we don't want to see the same item more than once. Just because a staff member does not reply to your post or have not talked about it, that does not mean that they haven't seen it. All suggestions will be viewed. If you have the skill to make one good enough to be put in-game, you will be messaged.

If you plan on giving criticism to another user who has posted their art suggestion, make it constructional helpful advice. Do not make it rude or offensive.
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Suggestion Rules
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