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Greetings, this is the official website for the upcoming game Dragons Unleashed Worlds, and exciting (MMORPG) for now this is the official site but will later be updated to a main site, when its more active.:)
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 Approval Thread

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PostSubject: Approval Thread   Mon Mar 15, 2010 4:36 pm

Come here to try and attempt to get approval! All attempts at approval must follow the format below:

Image 1
Image 2

Please classify it, for example if its a sig say "Sig 1". You must have at least two images to qualify for approval.

Programs You use:

List all programs you use whether you used it on this image or not.


It doesn't have to be exact give us more of an estimate.

You will not be notified, check often as we will make an edit and share with you our position on your images and whether you are officially approved or not thanks in advance for your understanding.

(Note:We keep track of users who have been approved if you make a shop thread and have not been approved the thread will be deleted and you will recieve a immediate warning)
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PostSubject: Re: Approval Thread   Mon Mar 15, 2010 6:31 pm

Avatar 1

Banner 1

Banner 2

Paint (currently only one i got since lost laptop)

These are very good and well positioned edits, but may I suggest that you download Gimp and make good use of these filters as you can make amazing renders and edits with it! Also for Aqworld edits it is preferred to use their official font as well which is known as "Black Chancery and can be downloaded Here. Other than that it's pretty good, by the way your approved if you haven't already realized that please label what your shop contains for instance yours may be before your title "[Edits!] or something similar to that, also to install the font goto your control panel and then fonts and you should be able to figure it out from their
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PostSubject: Re: Approval Thread   Tue Mar 16, 2010 9:08 pm

Image 1

Image 2

Programs Used:
GIMP for all the above, learning photoshop

3 or 4 months

Excellent approved! Also may, I suggest that you use more dynamic fonts for example in the first image your text was the amazing and the picture was pretty good, but in the second your font your font wasn't quite as good but the picture was unbelievable don't use a regular ole normal font for the majority of your images, as it damages the view on the image, but anyways excellent your approved so go ahead and precede in making your gallery.
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PostSubject: Re: Approval Thread   

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Approval Thread
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