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Greetings, this is the official website for the upcoming game Dragons Unleashed Worlds, and exciting (MMORPG) for now this is the official site but will later be updated to a main site, when its more active.:)
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 Caboose's Writings

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PostSubject: Caboose's Writings   Caboose's Writings Icon_minitimeWed Mar 17, 2010 5:45 pm

Well, here is some of my writings and stuffs.
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PostSubject: Re: Caboose's Writings   Caboose's Writings Icon_minitimeWed Mar 17, 2010 5:47 pm

Story 1
Horror Fiction
Infector: Part 1

I woke up with the smell of smoke and decay in my nose, it burned by nostrils so much I had to cover them with my dusty T-Shirt, it didn’t help much, but it kept me from vomiting. I stood up and looked around, confused of where I was at, it wasn’t a very familiar place, but I could navigate with great ease surprisingly. I went around a few corners and it eventually opened up into an alley, it was cold, and damp, it was my only way out though. The alley leads to a door, it wasn’t your normal everyday door, and it was a cold mechanical one that needed a key card to open. I searched my pockets for something; I found a small black card that seemed like it would fit. I slid it through the scanner and the door opened, I walked out and was surprised to see many people walking, talking, like nothing happened. I looked around and saw a store-like building so I entered it and began to ask questions.
The building was lined with black metal shelves lined up with snow globes and bobble heads, and other things you would find in a gift shop. I went to the store clerk to determine where I was.
“Excuse me, miss.” I asked
“Yea? What do you want?”
“Where am I exactly, and do you know anything about this card?” I said pulling the black card from my pocket.
“You’re in Megaberton, the most advanced city on Mars. And that card? It looks like something from Earth, we haven’t seen primitive technology like that since 2047, well are you gonna buy something or not?”
“Mars? And no, I’m not going to buy anything, thanks anyways.”
“Tourists…” the clerk mumbled to herself.
So I’m on Mars, I thought to myself, I wonder how I got here, well better make the best of it while I’m here, and I also got to find out something on this card thing. So after that, I walked through the streets of Megaberton to find answers.
I stumbled across the police station while wondering during the night; I hoped I could find some answers there. I walked up to the front desk and started asking questions.
“So Megaberton, huh?” I said trying to start a conversation.
“Yep, most advanced city on Mars. Been here since 2157.”
“Do you happen to know anything about this card?” I flashed him the card
“It looks like an old keycard used to keep zombies out of Megaberton, haven’t seen one in a while.”
“Yea, there is a whole zombie horde behind the metal door in front of that one gift shop place.”
“I came out that door when I woke up…”
“What?! You’re going to spread the infection again! Get out of here! Go back to where you came! Stay away from Megaberton! Just go! GO!!!”
He pushed me out the door and I ran away to make sure he believed I was going to keep my word. I ran back to the door I came from and opened the door. The smell was so overwhelming I almost passed out. I actually explored the place some more then I did last time. There were many dead bodies and skeletons, blood everywhere, it was so nauseating. I found a door I haven’t seen yet and I used the card to open it. I saw someone, it looked human, but I couldn’t be too sure. There was a shotgun in the corner so I picked it up and opened up the magazine to see if it had any shells, 8 shells, great, at least it’s better than nothing. I cocked it and started to walk. The creatures didn’t bother me none while I was walking past all of them. While walking there I saw a group of them in front of one place. They seemed to be guarding it, but then they noticed me, they moved to the side and let me walk right through them. I opened the door and I saw something so unbelievable I fainted.
I woke up to loud mutters around me, the creatures were looking down at me examining me, and I was like a complete new thing to them. When they saw me wake up they separated and yelled. I grabbed for my shotgun, but I couldn’t find it, I was paralyzed in fear as a more superior creature walked up to me.
“Hello our little infector.” He said in a guttural voice.
“So you came back to tell us that Megaberton is infected, yes?”
“What? I don’t know what you’re talking about, I woke up one day and I had this card in my pocket. I walked out and asked questions and a cop told me to come back here.”
“WHAT?! YOU DON’T REMEMBER A THING?!” He yelled at me furiously.
“Was I supposed to…?”
“Calm down Vexan, 1…2…3… OK, so you need a little refresher right?”
“Yea, I guess…”
“You were chosen by me to be the infector to let the zombie rule Megaberton. I gave you that card so you can come back when the infection spreaded out there. You weren’t supposed to come back until you infected the city.”
“I’m sorry, I thought I was mugged or something, I found my way out and I thought that was it. I went to the police and asked them about the card and they told me it opened the door I came from and I told him I came from there and he told me to come here before I infected the city. Sorry again.”
“It’s all right, now get out there and infect everyone.”
“I actually don’t want to…”
“If I infect the town then I have to deal with this horrible smell all the time, I already can’t stand it now. Maybe if you can do something to get rid of the smell for me without taking all of my smelling senses.”
“I’ll make a deal with you, if I make you a civilized zombie as I am, it will take away all the smells by the way, if you infect the city.”
I walked out the door into Megaberton, I walked into the gift shop I was at with the jerky clerk.
“What do you want?”
I bit her and left, I proceeded to a McDonald’s next door and bit several customers and the manager. After that I walked over to the police station.
“I told you to get out of here!”
“No thanks, I’m good.”
“What do you want then?”
“Only this.”
I bit him and stole his pistol. I walked back to the door to speak with Vexan again.
“So did you infect the city yet?” Vexan asked.
“You bet I did, now change me.”
“Well, a deal is a deal, here you go.”
He handed me a shot, it looked like the shots the doctor gives you for your check ups and such. I had one more thing to do before I infected myself.
“Why was I chosen to be the infector?”
“Well, ummm, you see, you have a high metabolism?”
“Oh really now? Last time I checked, I get sick all the time.”
“No, I think I’m confusing you with someone else. So go on, change yourself.”
“I’m not done yet. Where’s my shotgun?”
“Here,” Vexan threw me my shotgun to me. “Happy?”
“Not yet.” As I said that I stabbed the shot into Vexan and backed away.
“Y-you f-fool.” He stuttered. “Don’t y-you realize w-what you’ve d-done? A second shot of t-this is f-fatal! To you.” He smiled evilly “You just made my day, a second shot turns me into an Ultimate Stage of my former self, and you’re dead now.”
“Ahhh, crap.”
I picked up my shotgun and started shoot him. Out of bullets, and they had no effect on him, I’m screwed. I took the pistol that I took from the cop and started to load bullets into his face. They slowed him down, but did nothing. Thinking fast I picked up a grenade I saw in the corner. I pulled the pin, shoved my hand in Vexan’s chest and let go of the trigger.
“You’ve won this battle infector, but the war, has just begun.” As he finished his sentence his chest exploded and his lifeless corpse hit the ground…
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PostSubject: Re: Caboose's Writings   Caboose's Writings Icon_minitimeWed Mar 17, 2010 5:47 pm

Story 2

Detective Wolf


It was a normal night, a slight wind blowing, the moon illuminating the dark sky, and then nothing. I felt a cold cloth come over my lips, there was a burning sensation in the back of my throat. I passed out. Awake, I was tied to a chair; no movement could penetrate the knots from the cold metal. I was strapped in so much I could hardly breathe, a dark figure started approaching me, he had an object that was glowing red at the top. A smoldering piece of metal I thought as the figure approached me. The object was getting closer and closer. I could feel the heat on my nose and then, it went up it.

Chapter 1

There was report of a missing 15 year old girl, Stacy Jones. She was supposed to come home from her friend Jennifer’s house on Saturday but she never returned.
“She…she…she was just gone for the day and… and…I thought she was just going to stay another night so…so… I called Jennifer and she said… Stacy already left!” cried out Mrs. Jones, Stacy’s mother.
“It’s alright ma’am, I, Detective Wolf is on the case.” I told her.
“Please….just….just….just find her soon please…” Mrs. Jones sobbed
“I’ll do my best.” And I went to my office.
Ok think Wolf, a 15 year old girl disappears out of nowhere and now I need to figure out what happened I thought to myself I need to learn as much as possible about Stacy if I want to find her. First stop: Jennifer’s house.
I drove over to Jennifer’s house to get some answers.
“Detective I don’t think I can help you any.” Jennifer told Wolf “The last time I saw her was Thursday and she was happy and joyous. I don’t know of any enemies she would’ve had. I was pretty much her only friend.”
“That’s not what I need to know though, what did you and Stacy do the night she spent the night at your house?”
“Well we hung out and did our homework for that night; we ate dinner and watched some TV. Her boyfriend came over though but that’s it.”
“Her boyfriend? Tell me more about him.”
“Well his name is Bill, he’s 17, he’s about 6’5”, he has dark brown hair, and works at Best Buy. That’s all I know about him really.”
“Does Bill go to your school?”
“No, he’s in college, he skipped a couple grades and he’s studying Egypt so he can become an archeologist. He was going to Egypt on a field trip so he’s not in state right now.”
“Did Bill and Stacy have any problems while they were together?”
“Well they had a fight while she was here but it wasn’t that major.”
“Did you hear what the fight was about?”
“Stacy accused him of cheating on her so she slapped him but then they made up, well at least I think they did…”
“Well that’s all the questions I have I’ll come back if I have anymore.”
“Goodbye Detective.”
“Oh, and one more thing.”
“Did Stacy drive home or walk home?”
“I think she walked.”
“Thanks again.”
“No problem.”
“I also know his address if you want it.”
“That’s great what is it?”
“9631 N. Pike Drive Apartment B11.”
“You’ve been a lot of help Jennifer.”

Chapter 2

I decided to walk the way I would think Stacy would walk. It was about the same time she would have been taken. I had a flashlight and I shined it in every corner I would think would be a good place to hide someone then I saw it. There was a white rag outside of a dumpster. I put on some latex gloves and picked it up and stuck it in a sandwich bag. It smelled of alcohol, a perfect way to make someone go unconscious.
I brought it to the lab and examined it. It’s hard to determine finger prints on cloth so we had to go with the substance on the rag. It was Ammonia. It didn’t have a lot of it but it has been out for a while so most of it has been washed out. By the looks of it, it must have had quite a bit because the rag was bleached white. I need to check Bill’s apartment in the morning to see if he has a bottle of Ammonia missing some of it. I went to sleep with plans of solving the mystery tomorrow.
I woke up, got dressed, and had a cup of coffee before I headed out to Bill’s apartment. I got into my ’67 Chevy Impala and drove to 9631 N. Pike Drive and found the owner of the apartments.
“My name is Detective Wolf and I need the key to apartment B11 for search of a kidnapping.”
“I dun’t let none into no’nes apartments who says them er cops without no warrant.” The owner was a big redneck whose words slurred together.
“Listen sir, if you don’t let me into apartment B11 you will be known as an accomplice and be sent to jail also.” I said knowing this is untrue but he doesn’t seem to.
“A’ight a’ight I’ll let ya entah B11 here’s a key just dun’t ya tell no’nes that I here let ya in thare. Just don’t ya send me tah no jail. No sir ree will my momma figure out I don gard went tah the slamma I won’t get none dessert fer a week.” He said scared.
I took the key and walked up the stairs to B11 and unlocked the door. It looked like a normal teenager apartment nothing very strange. I looked around a while and found a bottle of Ammonia under the sink. It looked like it has been spilled recently because it still has the strong smell of alcohol from it. Bingo, found my first clue but where’s the girl? I looked around some more and I found a sarcophagus. I have a feeling I found her. I opened it up and there she was plain as day Stacy Jones was mummified. So where is Bill now? Jennifer said he was an Egypt but he could’ve been lying to cover up his tracks. I wonder.
I took another good 30 minutes in his apartment and I found a boarding pass. It was Bill’s…. He was supposed to go to Cairo, Egypt today but his boarding pass is still here. He’s still in Seattle…

Chapter 3

I went back to my house to eat lunch and think about Bill’s possible whereabouts. I made myself a PB&J sandwich and thought. School! Bill could still be at school because he didn’t go on the field trip. I drove to the only place that I know of that teaches about archeology. WAU (Washington State University) is where Bill goes to school, I’m sure of it. I asked around if the teachers knew Bill and they all said he was top of the class. They wouldn’t tell me where he was though. The teachers thought he went to Egypt with the rest of the class but they thought wrong.
I searched the classroom for clues and I found a room where they explain the mummification process. There were various tools and sharp objects that all have different jobs and purposes. They all seem to look like they’ve been used recently. Bill used these tools to mummify Stacy…
“Larry, sir and who might you be?”
“I’m Detective Wolf and I need to borrow these tools to help solve a murder.”
“Sir, these tools are over 3,000 years old what would they have to do with a murder case?”
“I’m sorry but that’s classified information so can I take these back to my lab to examine them?”
“I guess but don’t break them they’re antique.”
I took the tools back to the lab and took swabs of the blood and liquid at the points of the objects. Sure enough they matched Stacy’s DNA. These were the murder weapons. Now time to find Bill.

Chapter 4

I went to Bill’s apartment hoping he would be there and he was. I knocked on the door and he answered. I showed him my badge and he darted out the door faster than a bullet from a Desert Eagle.
“Stop in the name of law! You are under arrest for the murder of Stacy Jones!” I yelled as I chased him down the stairs.
“You’ll never get me!” Bill yelled back as he stumbled on the last step and tripped and face planted the asphalt.
“Ha-ha! You fell!” laughed the redneck owner.
“You have the right to remain silent. If you give up that right, anything you say can and will be used against you” I told Bill as I out handcuffs around his hand. I called for a police transport to bring Bill into custody and finally to jail.


I had to break the news to Mrs. Jones and Jennifer about Stacy. I didn’t tell them the gruesome facts on how she was killed because that would have made things worse. Bill was sentenced to life in prison with no parole and I picked another criminal of the street. Another great day in the life of Detective Wolf.
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