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Greetings, this is the official website for the upcoming game Dragons Unleashed Worlds, and exciting (MMORPG) for now this is the official site but will later be updated to a main site, when its more active.:)
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 Official Storyline!

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PostSubject: Official Storyline!   Official Storyline! Icon_minitimeWed Mar 17, 2010 9:08 pm

*cough*Plot idea by Velvex*cough* *Cough Forgot*Cough

Okay so my idea for the plot has to do a lot with elements. So I will just inform you about the elements I had in mind, how they work, and who manages them. I was thinking there could be 10 basic elements:

Then there would also be two other elements known as divine elements:

The only difference between basic elements and divine elements is that divine elements can only be accessed and used by Elemental Gods, Keepers (You will learn what these are further down), and very powerful ArchMages, whereas any living creature has access to the 10 basic elements.

Now I'm going to explain the three creatures that operate each element:

1. Elemental God
Their is an elemental god for each element. These gods reside in what is known as The Link along with the Grand Elementals, which is sort of what most people on Earth now days imagine Heaven to be like. It is a place located in the sky, however you can't see it or access it without having being summoned there, or being one of the 12 Keepers.

Now the Elemental Gods are the ones that created the first sample of the element they control, and they overlook the flow of their element such as a night guard would overlook a museum, and they are also the ones who enhance a living creature with a certain element when it is born. I will tell you more about being enhanced with an element later.
Names of the Elemental Gods:
Fire- Igneus (Ig-nee-us)
Ice- Glacerin (Glae-sh-er-in)
Electrcitiy- Tricion (Tri-see-on)
Water- Aquarine (Ah-kwa-reen)
Earth- Geonus (Gee-oh-nus)
Wind- Typhonus (Ty-foe-nus)
Metal- Titaurus (Tie-tear-us)
Poison- Veniscous (Ven-iss-sch-us)
Light- Lucian (Loo-see-an)
Darkness- Noctus (Nok-tus)

Plasma- Novius (Noe-vee-us)
Void- Abyssen (Abb-iss-en)

2. Grand Elemental
Their are 12 grand elementals. These grand elementals act as power plants, or generators for their element. They are what create all of the raw element that is implemented into the real world.

3. Keepers
Keepers are heroes who have proven themself to the gods. Each Keeper is born with an element enhanced into them just like everyone else. A Keeper watches over the flow of their element from the planet while the gods watch it from The Link. The Keepers are also viewed as the gods' henchmen. If the god sees one being abusing their element, that god will send their Keeper to stop the creature abusing the element.
*I was thinking some of the staff members could have NPC's that are Keepers

Now there is an object I want to discuss: The Elemental Essences. These are small orbs about the size of a golf ball. Every element has one Elemental Essence that is kept with the god. If the Elemental Essence is shattered, every being enhanced with said element is turned to stone. =O These Elemental Essences are what give power and health to all beings of that element.

Alright, and just to clarify; although every being is born with a natural element, this does not mean they cannot learn how to use other elements. They can have access to every other basic element, however they are born with powers of their natural element. Also, their is somebody known as "The Alpha." This person is born with all 12 elements enhanced into them. The Alpha ends up being the player, however the player does not know until near the end of the plot.

Now that I'm done with all the boring introductory crap here is the actual plot:
A man (unnamed at the moment, I was thinking about naming him Grey) who was one of the greatest warriors of the main town in the game (this town can be thought of as how BattleOn is thought of in AQW) is cast out of the town for one crime he committed. Years later, he meets a powerful mage known as Karius. Karius isn't just a normal mage though, he is a powerful Chronomancer; a sorcerer who controls time. Together, they freeze time, gain access into The Link, steal the Elemental Essences, and imprison the Grand Elementals.

This man then creates a new element, known as "Grey." (You can see why I thought of the name Grey now.) Grey is an element that has all the strengths and weaknesses of the 12 other elements. As he shows the element "Grey" to groups of people, he begins to form an army. He hopes that with the Grand Elementals gone, and the Elemental Essences stolen, the gods and every creature not enhanced with the element "Grey" will become weak, and he will declare war against EVERYTHING not in his army.

This man scatters the Elemental Essences across the planet, and traps the Grand Elementals around the planet as well. The 12 Keepers are summoned to The Link, where they are notified of the disappearance of the Elemental Essences and Grand Elementals. The 12 Keepers, along with a group of people (including the player) set out to recover the Essences and Grand Elementals. The main plot follows their journey, and they also must race against time, for the gods and everyone else is getting weaker every day.

Now accepting suggestions Here

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PostSubject: Re: Official Storyline!   Official Storyline! Icon_minitimeWed Mar 17, 2010 9:22 pm

Ktm notice the link I placed known as "Here" you are expected to post there I'm deleting your post and locking this thread now.
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Official Storyline!
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